The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) proudly welcomes its new Steering Committee who will lead the program for the next three years.

The NRSPP is only as strong as its partners and the guidance and support they provide. During the program’s inception a critical success factor identified was it needs to be led by a diverse range of industry organisations who are passionate about workplace road safety.

The diversity within the new Steering Committee illustrates the continued and growing support for the program. It is also the final stage of renewal of the program since it shifted to its new host at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).

The NRSPP welcomes our Steering Committee partners:

“Over the past 12 months the program has really gone from strength-to-strength. The renewal of the Steering Committee introduces a few new organisations to replace those who have stepped down and I thank them for their support.” said Professor Barry Watson, NRSPP Independent Chair.

The NRSPP Steering Committee meets twice a year. As a result of COVID-related restrictions, the past three meetings have all been virtual. However, we hope that the next one will take place in person in Melbourne towards the end of the year. The next Steering Committee meeting will include a strategic planning session, which will draw on insights from a comprehensive evaluation of the NRSPP currently underway.

“The new Steering Committee will be able build on the learnings from the evaluation of the NRSPP and also draw on the resources of not just MUARC but the many other university groups that are now collaborating with the program.

“The future of the program looks very exciting with some very innovative and collaborative initiatives in the planning phase. I look forward to working with the new Steering Committee to bring these initiatives to fruition,” said Prof Watson.

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