Humanising Truck Drivers Campaign


The ‘Look Beyond the Truck’ campaign was created to remind and recognise that within every heavy vehicle is an individual and a professional, trucking for what they love. Our truck drivers play an important role in keeping the country moving, and their stories and safety matter. ‘Look beyond the Truck’ aims to encourage other roads users to drive alongside truck drivers with respect and compassion.


Sharing our roads together

To ensure we all get home safe, it’s important to drive around heavy vehicles with care and respect. Have a listen to what some of our drivers say about the importance of sharing our roads responsibly.

Special thanks

  • Frank Paladin – Alex Fraser
  • Mira Novak – Alex Fraser
  • Helen Groden – BINGO
  • Robert McBain – BINGO
  • Gary Pannett – Holcim
  • Ricky Formosa – Holcim
  • Simeon Ballantyne – Toll
  • Tony Monks – Toll

More than just a driver

Behind every wheel is a professional driving for their career. Hear from some of our drivers about their stories and their passion for what they do.

Summary Video

The "Look Beyond the Truck campaign was officially been released at Brisbane Truck Show 2023 with the help of industry leaders. We are so proud of this campaign, this video explores ‘why’ the campaign was developed, and the passion of the many people behind it and recognises the professional drivers in the video and all of them on the road every day and night.

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