Who are Vero Suncorp?

At Vero we have a fleet of 907 vehicles delivering professional services nationally. We also offer professional risk management advice to companies across Australia.

Supported by over 180 years of experience, Vero provides market leading insurance products and solutions to businesses of all sizes. From small start-ups right through to some of Australia’s largest corporations – that’s why our innovative insurance solutions are favoured by 35% of Australia’s top 500 companies.

At Vero, our focus is to help you succeed in business. In the commercial motor insurance sector this means offering a 24/7 streamlined paperless claims process, industry leading repair technology’s exclusive to our customers, and customer specific tailored claims handling processes to help you minimise time off the road so you can get back to doing what you do best.

What does road safety mean to Vero?

Safety is a priority consideration, including road safety. We run road safety campaigns promoting awareness and safe road use in the community, especially in Queensland.

At Vero we understand that the true impact of a motor vehicle incident to an organisation can greatly surpass the repair cost of the vehicle. Research conducted on behalf of the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) has determined that the real cost of a motor vehicle crash is anywhere between 3 – 36 times the cost of vehicle repairs. Vero believes that through good risk management practices, that the number of claims, and their severity, can be greatly reduced.

Vero’s approach to risk management focuses primarily on reducing vehicle incidents through increasing driver awareness and accountability through changing the culture of an organiszation. We believe in a holistic approach to risk management and have found that a cultural shift produces sustained and long term benefits in regards to driver safety and a reduction in vehicle incidents. The majority of our risk management approach focuses on low and no cost initiatives that organiszations can quickly and easily implement.

Vero is proud to be a member of the NRSPP steering committee and strongly supports it in its mission to improve road safety in Australia.

Supporting actions delivered by Vero Suncorp

  • Founding Partner of the NRSPP.
  • Steering Committee Partner from inception to the present, kindly represented by:
  • Vero kindly arranged to record the symposium on “How organisations are minimising work-related vehicle crashes and their consequences” at ARSC2015 for the NRSPP. The symposium featured seven NRSPP partner organisations exploring their approach to this question and the consequences internally and externally.
  • Grey Fleet Working Group Partner attending the Queensland and Victorian workshop and assisting with the development of the guide.
  • On the 3 October 2018 Vero kindly hosted the 17th Steering Committee Meeting in Sydney at its head office.
  • NRSPP Program Manager, Jerome Carslake, attended the 2018 Vero unveils RM Advancer Award winners in Victoria and in 2019 featured on the judging panel.
  • Vero purchased a set of the NRSPP Tool Box Talks helping fund their development such that other organisations could benefit from them.
  • Provided data to help inform animal strikes in relation to Tool Box Talk.

Vero Suncorp's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Nicholas Goodwin and Bradley NaiduSenior Risk Specialist - Motor

    Vero /  Suncorp is recognised as a Founding Steering Committee Partner to the present

    What are Vero’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    1. For Vero to remain on the NRSPP Steering Committee
    2. For the NRSPP to engage with and support Vero’s RM Advancer awards possibly as a judge
    3. Continued support and development of Grey Fleet Policy Framework
  • Matthew JupClient and Risk Services Specialist

    Vero / Suncorp is recognised as one of the Founding Partners of NRSPP with Matthew Jupp kindly helping design and build the foundational elements of the program during its establishment phase.

    NRSPP wishes to recognise the contributions of Vero / Suncorp for helping develop the program.

    Matthew departed the role in 2015.

  • Jade Johnston and Ben DohertySenior Risk Specialist - Motor

    Suncorp through Ben Doherty and Jade Johnston joined the NRSPP Grey Fleet Working Group. Jade attended the Queensland workshop hosted by Sanofi and Ben Doherty the Victorian Workshop to help provide industry input on the development of a practical guide.

    NRSPP Guide: Grey Fleet Safety Management