Who is Innovation Group?

Innovation Group [IG] is a specialist business service and solution provider to the global Property, Casualty Insurance, Financial Services, Motor and Fleet markets. We work with and service 1,200 fleet clients and currently manage approximately 500,000 vehicles across Australia & New Zealand, and over 900,000 vehicles internationally through the provision of accident management and risk mitigation services.

IG will continue to play a pivotal role in the ongoing diversification of solutions and offerings to the fleet industry in Australia. This is achieved through being part of a global technology provider with both vision and innovative approach to solving business problems.

Often referred to as the ‘best practice’ provider in the market, IG is one of the few truly independent providers of Accident Management and Risk Management services as their core business. This allows Innovation Group to spend more time managing the Accident Management process and ensuring that clients are taken care of correctly from the moment they lodge an incident.

In recent times, Duty of Care and Grey Fleet management have become forefront in the marketplace. Employee safety and statutory legislation states that organisations need to provide a safe place of work for employees; this applies to motor vehicles as they are considered a place of work for employees who drive on company business, whether driving a company provided vehicle or their own vehicle.

What sector does your organisation operate within?

IG operates in the field of accident management for vehicles working on behalf of multiple insurance companies, fleet management operators and direct fleet clients. Our business is fully committed to the management an analysis of vehicle accidents including the reporting of key OH&S statistics relating to all accidents.

Our client base includes all types of road assets from heavy vehicles through to light vehicles and driven in every part of Australia by all types of drivers. In addition, our portfolio includes traditional fleet, novated vehicles and increasing influence in the grey fleet sector.

In addition, our approach to vehicle accidents is that we are looking at ways to minimise them happening and have recently launch Mentor by eDriving, this mobile phone-based tool is designed to manage and modify driver behaviour through the ongoing real-time monitoring of driver metrics and applying appropriate driver coaching to change behaviours.

What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?

IG are responsible for the management of approaching 100,000 vehicle assets in the Australian market and we have over 80 staff all responsible for the wide variety of activities relating to the management and reduction of risk for our clients.

What does road safety mean to Innovation Group?

As a company that is operating in the field of risk reduction and incident management, we are acutely aware of the impacts at all levels of the types of incidents we are managing. As a company that is invested in our client and driver safety IG is working to minimise the impact of vehicle incidents to the human capital involved, reduce the costs to the road network and our clients.

For that reason, our approach is to not just manage incidents when they happen, but to do everything we can to educate our clients on methodologies around the identification and reduction of vehicle related incidents.

However, as part of our vision we wish to support all efforts to improve National Road Safety and are constantly seeking new innovations for the market that can further these aims.

Supporting Actions Delivered By Innovation Group

Innovation Group's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Malcolm NoyleKey Account Manager

    NRSPP Steering Committee Partner 2021 To Present

    What Are The Opportunities Innovation Group’s Can Bring To The Leadership Of NRSPP?

    IG is seeking to continue supporting the NRSPP by using its extensive experience and knowledge to support their aims and objectives and in communicating the messages of the NRSPP to our client base. Then in turn seeking to provide anonymised supporting data back to the NRSPP team as allowed under our strict privacy guidelines.

    We wish to utilise the experience and knowledge of our senior executive team of accident management and insurance experts together with the skill sets of all our combined involvement in the Australian fleet sector. This team will seek to assist the NRSPP with input and happy to host meetings, events and activities as allowed.

    IG will invest in supporting the NRSPP through support to the knowledge centre through the contribution of relevant articles and materials, also assisting in the responses to questions as part of the Q&A process.

  • Sandy HoSenior Account ManagerCommencement Date: 01/10/2017Sector: Insurance and fleet risk managementhttps://www.innovation.group/en-au/

    What does road safety mean to Innovation Group?

    Our passion and support for road safety can best surmised by our belief that there is no such thing as a motor vehicle accident. An accident by definition “is a mishap, an event that has no apparent cause; a chance event”. By default accidents are rare in occurrence. The average crash rate for a corporate fleet is around 30%. By any measure a ratio of 1:3 is not considered rare or a chance event. Innovation Group refers to collisions, crashes or incidents as they are not rare events that happen by chance. Inattention, distraction, speed, alcohol are choices; not chance events.

    Why become a Program Partner?

    Given the nature of the industry in which we operate, Innovation Group feel with our breadth of experience and insights, along with a shared desire to make drivers and Australian roads safer, we are in a place to positively contribute some real data and science to the partnership program.

    What are the actions Innovation Group will undertake to support road safety through the NRSPP?  Date Planned
    1. Thought leadership and International research papers on driver behaviour, and effective training that is scientifically proven to reduce crash risk, based on 30 years of research from tens of thousands of drivers. Delivered Feb 2018
    2. Webinars – Based on research and insights, Innovation Group can provide webinars on some interesting relevant topics associated with the industry and objectives of NRSPP.


    e..g. our partners at Fleetcoach would make available, Dr. Robert Isler – Head of Research at Fleetcoach, and Associate Professor and Director of (TARS) Traffic and Road Safety at Waikato University. One recent paper on Mindfulness & Wellbeing “The way we drive, is the way we work and live”

     Delivered in 2018 and Ongoing
    3. Insights into what Fleet companies find most effective in reducing accident rates. Nov 2017
    4. Data and statistics on reported collisions for customers we manage. Jan 2018 and ongoing

    Supporting actions delivered by Innovation Group

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    NRSPP Thought Leadership: Circle of Satisfaction: Mental Wellbeing, Life and Work Satisfaction, and Driving in the Workplace