In 2021, NTI identified through its claims data that dairy tanker operations were experiencing a disproportionately high frequency and severity of incidents when compared to other comparable occupations.  As part of NTI’s commitment to living its values of helping industry towards a safety and more sustainable future, NTI applied for and received a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) grant to explore dairy tanker safety challenges and to build resource to support the dairy industry to improve its road safety performance.

The project received fantastic support from the dairy industry, with the majority of major processors and all major dairy carriers opting to participate, providing access to their processes, insights and expertise.  This project was named ‘Spilt Milk’ and had a simple premise, that nobody knows more about dairy tanker safety, than the dairy industry.  It sought to identify common challenges, best practice responses to those challenges and pockets of innovation and then scale them to be available to the entire dairy industry.

Through the exploratory ‘listening’ phase of the project, six key themes were identified:

To address those themes a range of artefacts were made:

Three training packages, each containing a presentation deck, presenter guide and attendee workbook

o   Why do trucks roll

o   What makes dairy tankers different

o   Transport Activity Management

Supply chain focussed guides for farmers, facility managers, inbound logistics managers and carriers.

A series of posters to reinforce key content from the training

A dairy tanker specific extension to NTI’s trucking basics book, known as ‘Dairy Tanker Basics

Spilt milk videos

Dairy Tankers – Slosh & Surge (Long Form)

Training Demonstration – Dairy Tanker Components & How They Fill

Dairy Tankers – Swept Path Demonstration

Dairy Tanker – Walkaround

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