Respect Traffic Controllers


The NRSPP Respect Traffic Controllers campaign focuses on humanising traffic controllers and aims to increase road user’s understanding and empathy. We want to promote safe interactions between the public and traffic controllers. Our goal is to minimise abuse directed at traffic controllers because they are here to make our roads safer.

Traffіc Controllers Experiences

  • Messages from Zaher

    Zaher shares his personal experiences as a traffic controller. He discusses how much he enjoys his job and encourages road users to have a respectful attitude towards traffic controllers.

  • Messages from Mason

    Mason emphasises the importance of everyone returning home safely. This includes road users and traffic controllers, as both parties must responsibly share the roads.

  • Messages from Paul

    Paul communicates road users should be kind to traffic controllers and see them as people, because their role is to keep everyone safe.

  • Traffic Controller Experiences

    Multiple traffic controllers share their stories and experiences, encouraging a better understanding between road users and traffic controllers.

  • A Short Message from Sarah

    Sarah expresses the importance of slowing down around road works.

This campaign includes

  • 8x Fact Sheets
  • 10x Posters
  • 10x Social Media Posts
  • 5x Full Videos
  • 3 x Short Videos
  • 1x Facilitator Guide

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