NRSPP is happy to welcome on board our new Program Partner, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA).

 What is the CILTA?

CILT-Australia is a member of a global network of 40 nations, with over 36,000 members dedicated to the Continuing Profession Development of people in the T&L Industries. CILT gained its Royal Charter in 1919 and Australia’s chapter was activated in 1936. CILTA spans all transport modes across both freight and passenger transport. It facilitates an extensive list of short courses, degree, and Masters programs through partner providers and can confer the professional certifications of Certified Professional Logistician, Certified Transport Planner and Certified Passenger Professional to industry and academic professionals.

The Institute Fellows and Certified members hold enormous experience in safety across all modes.

 What does road safety mean to CILTA?

Many of CILTA’s fellows and former fellows have been heavily involved in Heavy Vehicle Safety research for well over a generation, and this is continuing.

 Safety in all modes will always get priority as the single most important focus in transport policy. In most of our member countries road fatalities dominate the area of transport fatalities. For over 30 years we have been highly focused in the interaction with light vehicles and truck crash interactions and what policy changes can lower the level of both crashes and fatalities. Other of our own national members and research fellows have focused on rail, bus and aviation safety over these three decades.

Innovation in policy, technology and infrastructure design will lead to lower crash and injury rate trends. This is what communities expect and why CILTA has awarded safety innovation awards for both operators and young safety researches over past decades.

What are some examples of CILTA and NRSPP collaborations?  

What are the commitments and actions which CILTA will develop and share through NRSPP?

A series of short articles and links that point:

  •  to current research on HPVs and their safety impacts
  • to our webinars that are run with safety related themes, and
  • connecting NRSPP to specialist CILTA Fellows that have longstanding safety backgrounds.

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