We’ve made great strides in improving heavy vehicle safety in Australia. But, as we face increasing demand for freight and development in our cities, it is timely to focus on the safety of our growing urban freight task.

In this webinar, Michael Holmes, Road Transport Safety Advisor for Sydney Metro, shares the findings from his 2018 Churchill Fellowship to Investigate Best Practice to Improve Heavy Vehicle Safety in Urban Environments.

Michael explores a range of accreditation schemes, local government policies, training programmes and vehicle safety standards designed to improve the safety of urban heavy vehicle freight in the United Kingdom, European Union and United States, and provides recommendations where replicating such practices can bring great benefits for us in Australia.

Michael also won the NRSPP sponsored best paper with implications for workplace road safety at the Australasian Road Safety Conference 2019. As part of his award NRSPP ask him to share his research in our Thought Leadership: Safely delivering the growing urban freight task – Learning from international best practice and this webinar.

Our Presenter:
Michael Holmes
Road Transport Safety Advisor @Sydney Metro
Michael is a passionate safety professional dedicated to ensuring the safety of the construction transport task involved in building Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project, Sydney Metro. In 2018, Michael was awarded the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to Investigate Best Practice to Improve Heavy Vehicle Safety in Urban Environments. Michael works with a range of industry and government stakeholders to integrate road safety into the project’s planning, design and construction phase improving road transport safety standards, and continuously promoting education and awareness around heavy vehicle safety.