Want to engage your workers to be safe when they return to the road post COVID-19? If so, head to the NRSPP website and download any of its 19 free Tool Box Talks.

The NRSPP’s Steering Committee and new Host have recognised that conditions have changed, COVID-19 has disrupted traditional work life in particular the commute and life on the road network. Most workers have been working remotely from home and those who remained on the road have experienced little to no congestion. Equally, every business has come under pressure economically, plus there is uncertainty as to what the new post COVID-19 future will look like.

So why not take this as an opportunity to reset and create safer behaviour. To engage with your workers on any number of road safety issues through the NRSPP Tool Box Talks or our recently released organisational Distracted Driving Campaign.

All of these Tool Box Talks are now entirely free at nrspp.org.au/packages

If you have not heard of Tool Box Talks, these are an effective and cost-efficient way to communicate information and knowledge about work driving safety, health and safety and operational issues within a workplace. A Tool Box Talk should ideally take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Each Tool Box Talk is evidence-based research and designed to help organisations engage in a conversation with their workforce regarding key risks relating to workplace road safety.

The vehicle remains the number one risk to workers accounting for 2/3 of workplace fatalities.

This Tool Box Talk Package is designed to provide Team Leaders/Managers and Facilitators with the required resources and information to conduct a tool box safety talk about any number of key road related risk to a group of workers within the organisation.

Each Tool Box Talk package contains:

  • A generic overview of Tool Box Talk Discussion including a step by step process to assist team leaders/managers and facilitators to lead a tool box talk discussion
  • Aid for the promotion of discussion
  • Topic background information and fact sheet
  • Discussion prompt sheet
  • Participant attendance record sheet
  • Participant self-assessment sheet
  • Discussion review sheet
  • Rear End Crashes and Close Following Poster
  • Supporting PowerPoint slides

The list of available Tool Box Talks which can now be downloaded include:

  1. Low Speed Manoeuvring and Parking
  2. Easter Road Safety: The Fatal Five
  3. The Dangers of Mobile Phone Use While Driving
  4. Rear End Crashes and Close Following
  5. Driver Fatigue
  6. Work Driving Road Safety
  7. Journey Planning and Management
  8. Alcohol and Drugs
  9. Tyre Care
  10. Eco Driving
  11. Festive Season
  12. Time Pressure
  13. Avoiding Animal Collisions
  14. Driving for Work: Health and Well-being
  15. Vulnerable Road Users
  16. Wet Weather Driving
  17. Truck Interactions
  18. Road Rage
  19. Driving in Poor Visibility


Continuous Improvement

Due to these being large and bulk downloads we users will have to once off register to download. To assist the NRSPP in continually improving its content, we would like to invite those who do download the Tool Box Talk packages to please complete the feedback form and send back to us.


These Tool Box Talks were made available thanks to several organisations initially purchasing them as packages which funded their development.  Without that contribution NRSPP could not have developed these. Each organisation that did purchase these did enquire about sharing them with other organisations, we are happy now everyone can freely access and use them.

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