NRSPP Steering Committee Partner Toll Group once again demonstrate leading by example by sharing their internal chain of responsibility brochures so the whole heavy vehicle sector can benefit.

Toll has kindly shared with NRSPP their “Chain of Responsibility: A guide for Toll’s Customers and Clients” and “chain of responsibility: Understanding your obligations as a customer in Western Australia.”

The documents were initially developed just for Toll, its customers and clients. However, they have since taken the view that to really protect their own workforce the whole sector needs to understand the legislation and how they fit into it.

The heavy vehicle sector is incredibly competitive but when it comes to safety, all operators benefit if the entire supply chain is complying. Any operator involved in an incident affects the whole industry since the public and media takes a simple view of “Truck kills….” Or “Truck causes…” instead of the neutral non blame “light and heavy vehicle involved in incident

Toll continually demonstrated the importance of sharing and collaboration. These brochures are just another example of their efforts in helping improve the entire sector.

NRSPP invites any organisation to share their content through the program such that others can draw on it, improve their systems and we hope pay it forward by sharing back through the program.

The brochures can be downloaded from:

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