why chain of responsibility is your core business

Freight transport is an essential part of the Australian economy. It delivers goods to the consumers that want them and provides employment for hundreds of thousands of people.

However, transport and logistics is one of the most dangerous Australian occupations. Incorrectly loaded vehicles can lead to rollovers, injury, lost or damaged loads and even death. Speeding and fatigue are major contributors to road safety accidents. For these reasons, everyone involved in the supply chain must be vigilant about safety and ensure their actions (or inactions) don’t cause other people to do the wrong thing.

This is at the heart of chain of responsibility: that all parties in the supply chain work to ensure safe on-road behaviours.

This is Toll’s responsibility. This is your responsibility. It is essential that you understand how chain of responsibility works and what your obligations are. Failure to understand and comply with these requirements could have serious safety and legal consequences.