Today is R U OK? Day

It matters so use the chance to reach out & start a conversation with colleagues

NRSPP is committed to good mental health, so feel free to use our Quick Fact, Thought Leadership and Webinar to make it easier to ask

Taryn Chalmers, whose father was a truck driver and brother also works in the transport industry and who has spent the past five years looking at depression in the transport industry, outlines two myths surrounding depression:

Myth #1 – Depression is a lifelong battle that you can’t do anything about.

Depression can be managed and there are many treatments available – and not just medication.

Myth #2 – Depression is something to be embarrassed about.

Depression is not a choice, often it’s a biochemical neurological disorder. Depression is no more a choice than any other neurochemical disorder, like Parkinson’s Disease. Talking openly is just as important as identifying incidence of depression and busting these common myths will help bring depression out into the open.