Depression in the heavy vehicle trucking industry is largely something which is not acknowledged. The heavy male dominated industry is heavily exposed and at risk which is what this webinar explores.

Many countries rely on heavy vehicles for the movements of good and services between metropolitan hubs. The health of these truck drivers is not only important for drivers themselves, but also vital for ensuring safe work practices and public safety. Often, the physiological health of drivers is well quantified and reported, however the mental health of professional heavy vehicle drivers remains somewhat overshadowed. It is well understood that the workplace can have adverse effects on mental health.

The heavy vehicle trucking industry is largely male dominated, which when considered alongside the scarcity of literature regarding mental health in this field, is of concern, considering that males are less likely to seek appropriate medical advice regarding mental illness. Furthermore, evidence suggests that not only does depression significantly increases the odd ratio of an accident or near miss, but also reduces driving performance on simulated drives.

Presenting this webinar will be Taryn Chalmers. She is in a current final year Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney. Taryn has previously completed a bachelor degree of Medical Science with First Class Honours and was placed on the Dean’s Merit List for academic achievement.

Taryn has published two journal articles and a number of abstracts on the topics of depression and cardiovascular health within professional drivers and her PhD project has gained the endorsement of Sydney Trains, Australia Post and the Australian Trucking Association.

This webinar supports and expand on Thought Leadership: Response to common brain condition “is a no-brainer”