Mobile Phone Distraction in Vehicles can lead to crashes. The Safer Use of Mobiles in Vehicles (SUMV) Working Group have developed a series of posters based on road risks and mobile phone use not adding up when driving a vehicle. The topics covered are:

  • Emotion
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Reaching
  • Texting

The reason is Mobile Phone Distraction in Vehicles when combined with one of these other distractions significantly increases the risk to the driver. For example, Mobile Phone Distraction in Vehicles whilst emotional can increase the crash risk for a driver nearly 10 fold.

Driver distraction is a major cause of crashes on Australian roads, with many resulting in devastating injury and even death. An initiative of the National Road Safety Partnership Program, the SUMV subcommittee is a group of representatives from a diverse range of organisations committed to a common goal: promoting the safe use of mobile devices in vehicles in Australia to reduce the risk of road crashes.

Employers have a legal responsibility for the safety of their staff in the workplace and this extends to their vehicles. By implementing a safer mobile use in vehicles policy, organisations will be proactive in promoting the wellbeing and safety of their workers.

SUMV encourage all organisations across Australia to take a proactive role in reducing this risk for their staff, stakeholders and the community as a whole. Combined we can all reduce the risk of Mobile Phone Distraction in Vehicles leading to crashes.

See the SUMV Microsite for more details. on to find out how your organisation can be part of driving this positive change.