Mobile Phone Distraction in Vehicles and Texting – It Doesn’t Add Up (Poster) – is a poster free to be used to engaged with employees to get them thinking that texting whilst driving doesn’t add up.

You’re 6 times more likely to have a crash if you text while driving. It’s not worth it. Throwing in a phone call for extra distraction just doesn’t add up. Next time the phone rings while driving, ask yourself “Should I really take this call?”

Driver distraction is a major cause of crashes on Australian roads, with many resulting in devastating injury and even death. An initiative of the National Road Safety Partnership Program, the SUMV subcommittee is a group of representatives from a diverse range of organisations committed to a common goal: promoting the safe use of mobile devices in vehicles in Australia to reduce the risk of road crashes.

Incredibly, some drivers make a disconnect and view texting and social media or emails as not the same. Texting refers to any form of text interaction with a mobile phone device. Texting whilst driving is high risk.

Even when stopped at the lights resist the urge to pull the phone and start texting – the lights will turn green and the natural response is just a bit more. Many of us do this…