Vehicles Mobile Phone Distraction – doesn’t add up – Emotion is a poster free to be used to engaged with employees to get them thinking mobile phones whilst emotional don’t add up.

You’re almost 10 times more likely to crash if driving while angry, sad or agitated. Throwing in a phone call for extra distraction just doesn’t add up. Next time the phone rings while driving, ask yourself “Should I really take this call?”

Driver distraction is a major cause of crashes on Australian roads, with many resulting in devastating injury and even death. An initiative of the National Road Safety Partnership Program, the SUMV subcommittee is a group of representatives from a diverse range of organisations committed to a common goal: promoting the safe use of mobile devices in vehicles in Australia to reduce the risk of road crashes.

Now consider when you drive a car, emotions can have a huge impact. Aggression will cause more radical driving now add the phone to the mix. Vehicles Mobile Phone Distraction – doesn’t add up – Emotion

When you enter your car, leave emotions on the outside. Enjoy the drive and switch off if you have got some emotional pressure sitting on your mind. If an emergency has occurred, focus on getting there safely. Using the phone will not help but increase the risk for a crash.