The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has developed 21 Tool Box Talks (TBT) packages which are freely available from the program’s website. The current TBT range is predominantly catered towards light vehicles; we have therefore established a Working Group to develop TBTs which are specific to the heavy vehicle sector.

The NRSPP formed the Heavy Vehicle Tool Box Talk (HVTBT) Working Group which includes a number of industry partners to help provide, guide and peer review the topics and development of the content. The new heavy vehicle TBTs are to be modelled on the Sun Glare TBT, which includes a supporting video illustrating the scope of the issue, and draws on relevant research to explain why the issue matters and how it can be mitigated.

Driver insights to anchor each TBT?

We would like to hear about your experiences in relation to the focused topics. To do this, please click on the survey link — there are three questions and it will take 3-5 minutes.


Your stories are anonymous but you can also nominate to share the story in a recording which can be used to introduce the TBT.

 What is a Tool Box Talk?

Tool Box Talks are 15-20-minute presentations that provide knowledge regarding work-related driving and promote discussion and awareness of work-related driving safety. Consequently, toolbox talks are an ideal broad-based intervention strategy that can be used to highlight issues associated with work driving safety. They are also a key component in demonstrating your organisation is providing a Duty of Care to your workers.

What is the structure of the HV TBT?

The overarching structure for TBT will be “before, during and after” timeline which will provide lots of freedom to focus on the various stages and how they relate to a driver’s journey.

Who is part of the HVTBT?

The working consists of a broad range of industry partners who will assist with sharing their drivers’ stories and content for the videos. The survey allows us to broaden the reach and range of stories which we can use to help inform their development. The working group consists of:

  • Adam Ritzinger – Toll Group, industry perspective with line haul and freight transport
  • Felix Ohle – Viva Energy, industry perspective from dangerous goods contractor
  • James Zarb – Viva Energy, industry perspective from dangerous goods contractor
  • Jerome Carslake, Director of NRSPP – Chair of HVTWG
  • Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez, MUARC – research support
  • Jim Sarkis – Bingo Industries, waste management
  • Mark Nobel – Holcim, Construction sector
  • Peter Johannsson – Zurich Insurance – Insurance insights and risk engineer
  • Tim Roberts, Fleet Strategy – Video Creator