NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) as the latest Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future. NRSPP works with many organisations and it is always welcome when they formally become partners of the program.

Who is CCI?

At CCI, we’ve delivered certainty for the Catholic community for over 100 years. From insurance to managing risk, we continue to address risks and volatilities for our clients, so we can provide even better products and services.

By being forward thinking we’re helping organisations to thrive and ensuring the Catholic community can continue to rely on us for another hundred years.

CCI actively engages with the wider Catholic community to understand the unique needs and support the mission of the Church.

Describe What Road Safety Means To Your Organisation?

As a national insurance provider, insuring over 31,000 vehicles, our clients operate in a variety of different sectors and geographic locations that pose different types of driver safety risks such as; vandalism, burglary, rural road environments, and unsafe drivers. When discussing a client’s insurance needs regardless of whether its motor vehicle related or another type of cover we aim to understand what risks they face and how we can best support clients to improve the management of these risks. When it comes to road safety our objective is to educate our clients through claims analysis and insight, driver safety courses and resources that will assist clients to implement measures to protect their staff, clergy and volunteers on the road.

What action(s) could your organisation do to support road safety through the NRSPP

  1. Share relevant resources (articles and guides) on driver safety and fleet management
  2. Provide general insights into road safety issues we see across our client base
  3. Promote relevant NRSPP materials to clients to help them improve their driving risk

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