A core element of NRSPP is its content creation and engagement, for that we rely on an intern program with Program Partner Swinburne University. NRSPP small budget goes along way through our collaborative approach and partner support. This approach provides constant creative renewal and a chance to grow emerging students in being passionate about road safety by conveying data, messages and storytelling in engaging mediums.

Over the last 12 months NRSPP had the pleasure of hosting Swinburne Communications and Design 3rd year student Carissa Lazarus. Sadly, that came to an end on Friday 19 July as she returns to complete her final year of studies.

Carissa received a baptism of fire in the role and over the year made leaps and bounds in her professional development. Anyone who has been tracking NRSPP social media or our content may have noticed her professional and creative growth.

Carissa shined in any area of the program, from case studies and quick facts, the newsletter to the development of the NRSPP Tool Box Series. Her mark will be left through the introduction of #TBT “Throw Back Thursdays” series. A recent highlight was the DIDO and Fatigue Poster series and the Nestlé and SXP Case studies.

NRSPP wishes Carissa all the best in her final year of study and her future career journey as no creative challenge is to small or to great for you.

Now with Carissa’s exit, NRSPP warmly welcomes Gabrielle Fetalvero as the replacement 2019/20 intern. Gabrielle was part of Re:act 2019 with the campaign “Mind the Bubble”. We will be interested to see what creative mark Gabrielle will leave behind.

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