NRSPP would like to warmly welcome ANCAP Safety as the latest Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future. NRSPP works with many different organisations in its efforts to improve workplace road safety. A true example of being collaborative is when an organisation formerly joins the NRSPP and becomes a partner as ANCAP has done.

Safe vehicles are one of the fundamental elements of the safe system and at the heart of this wit regards to the light vehicle sector is ANCAP.

Four simple questions all organisations should be asking regarding the safety of their vehicles:

  1. Are your workers using fleet vehicles that are 5 Star ANCAP?
  2. Are those vehicles a maximum of 4 years old?
  3. Do your workers understand the technology in those vehicles and how to operate them?
  4. How safe is the vehicles your workers commute in or use for grey fleet purposes?

What Sector Does Your Organisation Operate Within?

Consumer advocacy / automotive safety

What Size Is Your Fleet Or The Number Of Staff Who Generate Your Transport Task?

ANCAP provides independent consumer information to all Australian and New Zealand consumers, including vehicle safety advice to corporate fleets and governments.

Describe What Road Safety Means To Your Organisation?

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, more commonly referred to as ANCAP SAFETY, is Australasia’s independent vehicle safety authority.

ANCAP safety ratings are published for a range of new passenger, sports utility (SUV) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) entering the Australian and New Zealand markets, using a rating system of 0 to 5 stars. ANCAP star ratings indicate the level of safety a vehicle provides for occupants and pedestrians in the event of a crash, as well as its ability — through technology — to avoid or minimise the effects of a crash.

Since 1993, ANCAP has published independent safety ratings for thousands of new vehicle makes, models and variants. These independent safety ratings are used to compare the relative safety between vehicles of similar size, and have become a critical factor in vehicle selection for private and fleet buyers.

OUR VISION:  Safe vehicles for all.

OUR MISSION:  Work with members and partners to eliminate road trauma through independent assessment, market influence and consumer advocacy.

ANCAP plays a vital role in not only informing consumers of the differences in safety performance of new vehicles entering the Australasian vehicle fleet, it also advocates for improved vehicle safety design and specification through public education campaigns, advocacy activities and engagement with governments, corporate fleets, the media and consumers.

What Action(S) Could Your Organisation Do To Support Road Safety Through The NRSPP & By When?

  1. Provide vehicle safety updates and advice to NRSPP Partners (via newsletter content, webinars, social media posts etc.).
  2. Host NRSPP Partners at live ANCAP crash tests.
  3. Host autonomous emergency braking (AEB) demonstration events for NRSPP Partners.
  4. Work with NRSPP partners on initiatives to:
    1. Implement purchasing policies requiring all vehicles, regardless of segment / use, to hold a 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

ANCAP has already worked with NRSPP to provide two webinars: