ANCAP: Not all 5 star cars are created equal. Does this matter? Did you know that 95% of vehicles rated by ANCAP in 2016 achieved a 5 star rating? But what differentiates the good and the bad? How are standout performers recognised, and what should consumers – including fleet managers – look for when making a new car purchase?

This webinar will look at the evolution of the ANCAP test and assessment process, the acceleration of test criteria, and how it is raising the bar to encourage continuous improvement in vehicle safety.

Our special guest speaker for this webinar is James Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer of ANCAP Australasia Ltd.

James Goodwin is a former journalist and news presenter with a professional career in corporate affairs and government relations. He has a keen interest in consumer advocacy and education, particularly in the areas of transport and safety.

This webinar generated so many questions we were unable to answer them all during it, ANCAP have kindly taken the time to answer all of those unanswered questions which can be found attached.