What can organisations do in the occupational road safety space to help reduce deaths and serious injuries on the road? NRSPP would argue The vehicle is a workplace, whilst it may be out of sight or out of mind, when a worker gets behind the wheel the organisation has responsibilities to ensure safety.

Managing the risks associated with driving may seem like a difficult mountain to climb but with help, guidance and solid research this can be overcome one small step at a time.

This year’s annual Australasian Road Safety Conference 2018 (ARSC2018) is themed towards zero making it happen! What a perfect opportunity for organisations to come together with leading researchers and help build a bridge of better understanding of workplace road safety.

Let’s create an opportunity for researchers to better understand the problems organisations are facing, what are potential solutions and how can research translate to the real world. It is also an opportunity for businesses to challenge researchers in ways in which their research be applied and clearly communicated to outline industry benefits  of research

The NRSPP is helping with the bridge building for ARSC2018 with the establishment of a workplace road safety stream.

Abstracts close in three weeks, NRSPP is open to ideas from industry and is keen to help facilitate discussions.

In fact, any road user should be concerned, as Australia’s lifesaving performance has plateaued. The National Road Safety Strategy is currently going to miss its target of reducing deaths and serious injuries by at least 30%. In reality the goal should and needs to be Zero!

To achieve this everyone needs to share the responsibility, collaborate and build strategies together.

The NRSPP will again be sponsoring again the Best Paper with Implications for Improving Workplace Road Safety at ARSC2018 .

The winner of the ACRS2017 award was Dr Lori Mooren for her paper titled the Comparison of Experience-Based and Evidence-Based Safety Risk Management Features for Heavy Vehicle Transport Operations. Lori’s paper was selected by a panel from the NRSPP Steering Committee who attended the conference.

As part of the prize Lori’s research paper was translated into a NRSPP Thought Leadership Paper: Risk and Reward: Translating managing risks into real, proven safety and business benefits  and a webinar scheduled for 15 March.

NRSPP hopes this year’s award will be a key element of recognising the bridge building that will take place at ARSC2018.

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