SAPN Safe Drive – Rhynie Work Incident is video developed by SAPN to engage its workers and the community on the risk. This relates a real story which happened to its workers. The story illustrate how quickly something many of their workers have probably done as part of their driving which ended in disaster. Rhynie Work Incident was a nearly a high potential incident for disaster which drove change within SAPN.

SA Power Networks (SAPN) has a keen interest in protecting its employees and the community within which it operates, SAPN has invested in developing a series of Drive Safe Series. SAPN has shared these videos with NRSPP so any organisation can use them to help protect and empower their workers to understand work related risk and the impact when things go wrong.  Safe Drive – Rhynie Work Incident is one video of a series of six.

The complete series includes:

  • Holiday Driving Safety
  • Stopping Distances and Tyres
  • Following Distances
  • Rhynie Work Incident
  • Reversing
  • Distractions