This document, Grey Fleet: Engaging Stakeholders, is to be used by a Fleet Manager, or organisation employee who wishes to engage their stakeholders in managing Grey Fleet Safety. It provides methods for obtaining stakeholder engagement. It is to be used in conjunction with the Grey Fleet: What, Why and Who? document which can be distributed to stakeholders to further their understanding of Grey Fleet.

For more information on Grey Fleet, see the NRSPP’s Grey Fleet Safety Management GuideThe  Grey Fleet safety guide aims to provide organisations with such a framework by highlighting some of the key issues and providing risk management strategies and considerations to in adopting a safer Grey Fleet. It is not designed to be an exhaustive document providing answers to every issue. Rather, it aims to provide a framework that allows organisations to work through issues associated with their own Grey Fleet and organisational operations to manage risk and improve work driving safety. At the completion of this document, you will understand what a Grey Fleet within an organisation is, what the risks are, what the core safety elements to consider are, what Grey Fleet maturity is and how to measure success, and how to embark on continuous improvement.