The City of Sydney has over 187,000 residents, 7,000 people per km2, so great demands are placed on physical infrastructure and services. The vast majority of services are provided using some type of motor vehicle or plant.

The City also has a unique network of roads including high speed arterial roads, collector roads and access roads. Some areas have quiet residential streets whilst others have high density narrow, congested roads. With congestion and high numbers of parked cars, pedestrians and cyclists, the challenge facing our drivers is complex and considerable. Regardless, the costs and productivity loss associated with driver-at-fault accidents is unacceptable and must be reduced.

Our unique driving environment requires all drivers to demonstrate high standards of professional low-risk driving when undertaking their daily work tasks.

The six key objectives of the Fleet Services Crash Management Strategy are to;

  1. Promote and embed a zero-crash culture;
  2. Support and improve driver skills, behaviours and awareness; ?
  3. Develop staff pride in driving professionally;
  4. Enhance leadership capability in Supervisors and Team Leaders; ?
  5. Identify the root causes and contributing factors that result in vehicle crashes; and ?
  6. Guide business units with strategies and processes to minimise vehicle crashes.