No. of Staff: 1,900 (1,200 drivers)

Key Outcomes:

  • Multiple strategies working in combination, including management support, driver awareness training and tracking crash data, maximises effectiveness of road safety programs
  • A strong partnership with your insurer can help achieve road safety outcomes by providing data on numbers and costs of crashes, showing opportunities for improvement and strategies that are working
  • As well as reducing the bottom line, such data can inform driver training and crash prevention programs and is powerful in influencing culture and behaviour when used as a training and awareness tool
  • Having a dedicated road safety position who ‘coaches’ drivers, rather than focusing solely on driver instruction, can be effective in improving road safety outcomes
  • Employing someone in that position with driving experience and the ability to empathise and build rapport with drivers increases acceptance and improves road safety outcomes.


Rising demand for services is increasing the risk of crashes in the City of Sydney. In response, the City has developed a comprehensive road safety program that tracks crash data to inform driver awareness programs and prevent incidents while also improving the bottom line.