Some of the ways we use the SmartTrack Fatigue and Speed Management system include;

  • Communication with drivers
  • Scheduling and Rostering
  • Assignment of work to the drivers
  • Payroll (Geofences generate exceptions)
  • Prestart checks & fault reporting
  • Recording of gross and axle masses
  • Fatigue Management
  • Speed Management
  • Incident & Accident investigation

Fatigue/Speed event process

  • Email Sent to Supervisor for immediate investigation and action;
  • Breach report run daily
  • Breaches interpreted and Non Conformances raised daily
  • Non conformances tracked and closed out with proof of remedial action taken
  • Data is analysed and reports are generated
  • Agenda item in Toolbox Meetings, Monthly Operations Management Meeting, Senior Management Meetings.
  • Business Segments compared, Fleets compared, Supervisors compared, drivers tracked for recidivism.