Effectively integrating an efficient Safety Management System, based on comprehensive training and induction, across company operations has driven major benefits for Boral Logistics. While reducing incidents and near misses, an increased focus on compliance has reduced the costs of doing business.

Key Outcomes:

  • Using technology as a risk management tool can help companies address the inherent risk in their operations.
  • Investment in training and robust induction processes for truck drivers can help prevent driver-related incidents and near misses.
  • Integrating compliance and risk management into an effective business management system improves efficiency and ease in complying with compliance across the business
  • Compliance translates into bottom line savings, such as reducing motor vehicle crashes and lost time to injury costs, an increases productivity through qualifying for NHVAS and other accreditations.
  • Ensuring company-wide understanding of how a compliance system works, and its benefits to those affected, increases engagement and acceptance.