• Over five million Brits think solo driving is a new form of mediation, with 65% admitting that sitting parked in the car on the driveway brings them a moment of inner peace, according to research from car manufacturer Dacia
  • Just under one in five (17%)1 of Brits say they now choose a solo drive as one of the top ways to help them de-stress, beating exercise activities such as running (16%), meditation and mindfulness (10%) and team sports (8%) for popular calming pastimes
  • A feeling of escape (64%), listening to relaxing in-car playlists (49%), switching off from other worrying thoughts (41%) and feeling in control of one’s life (33%) topped the reasons as to why the nation is turning to drive solo to de-stress
  • Traditional quiet zones such as the garden shed and study are officially out, with over one in ten (14%) of Brits admitting they escape to their car when they need a break from their loved ones

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