Each year, people continue to lose their lives or are injured at Australia’s level crossings causing significant social and economic impacts on individuals, communities and businesses. Record investment in rail and road infrastructure, combined with growing passenger traffic and freight demand, is continuing to increase interactions at level crossings – we need to do more, and we need to do it collaboratively as a nation.

This Strategy represents a commitment to reducing the incidence of fatalities and injuries across Australia’s level crossings.

Strategy at a glance

Vision Zero – Zero harm at Australia’s level crossings.

Strategy purpose

To deliver our vision through a collaborative national approach informed by high quality data and stakeholder engagement.


This Strategy is based upon national rail safety data analysis and extensive national engagement with more than 30 organisations from the community, government, road and rail industry providing expertise and insights.

Four key focus areas that will enable the shared delivery of Vision Zero and our strategic objectives.

1. Education and Enforcement

Increase awareness of level crossings that triggers desirable behaviour change in users and reinforce compliance through improved enforcement.

2. Assets, Technology and Innovation

Leverage a combination of asset and technology based solutions that are cost-effective, innovative and shown to reduce the risk of harm.

3. Data Improvement and Knowledge Management

Capture level crossing data in a nationally consistent manner and share analysis that delivers insights to inform practical safety improvements and decisions.

4. National Coordination

Develop a consistent and nationally coordinated approach to improve collaboration, share knowledge and drive actions that will be most effective if implemented nationally to reduce incidents at level crossings.

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