Did you know that ANCAP safety ratings expire? It hasn’t always been the case through under the current testing protocols the rating is only valid for six years because the rating scheme is expected to change so significantly during this period that referring to an older result would mislead consumers.

This is important for Fleet Managers to understand when evaluating models to include the fleet. A five star ANCAP safety rating is not relevant if the model cycle of the vehicle is not keeping pace with the latest improvements in active and passive safety technologies.

Having a procurement policy that requires five star ANCAP rated vehicles is only worthwhile if it refers to the date stamp of the ANCAP rating, and excludes vehicles that don’t have ratings under the latest ANCAP protocols.

For example, as of January 2023 the popular Toyota Prado no longer has a valid ANCAP safety rating because a new model wasn’t tested within six years of the original rating being awarded.


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