New safety ratings for used light vehicles in New Zealand are now live on the Rightcar website (, along with information about crash avoidance features.  
The updated (2023) safety ratings apply to most cars, utes, SUVs and other light vehicles on our roads, and provide the best
 indication of how well they protect people in a crash. 

A media release about the annual update of Rightcar has just been sent (see attached) and next week an e-newsletter will be sent to our database of vehicle importers and dealers plus other key contacts with more detailed information on the annual safety ratings update and other news. Sign-up online so you don’t miss the first edition of our new Vehicle Trader News e-newsletter.  
No one expects to crash, but mistakes happen – and when they do safe vehicles play a major role. 

Many people are unaware the safety of different vehicles – both used and new – can vary greatly, or that they are twice as safe in 5-star safety rated vehicle than in a 1-star safety rated car in crash.  
You may be able to help by: 

  • encouraging people to go to to check the latest safety ratings and crash avoidance features information.  
  • ordering Rightcar posters or brochures to display (supplied free of charge); and displaying vehicle safety rating labels(if you are a registered motor vehicle dealer). 

Improving vehicle safety in New Zealand is a key part of New Zealand’s road safety strategy, along with introducing safe speeds, improving the safety of roads and roadsides, and encouraging safer driver behaviour. The Safe Vehicles programme includes work to improve the safety of vehicles entering New Zealand, ensuring existing vehicles are as safe as they can be and building public awareness of and demand for safer vehicles. 

If you have any questions or would like to work with us to help promote vehicle safety, please email the Safe Vehicles team: [email protected]

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