As a heavy vehicle driver, fitness for duty comprehends various areas of life. Besides fatigue or lack of sleep, it is directly related to our lifestyle and everyday choices. In a recent Australian study, 75% of truck drivers reported having a diagnosis of a physical medical condition, and 23% reported diagnosis of a mental health condition [1]. Integral and long-lasting fitness for duty is the result of diverse strategies to support drivers.

It is well-known heavy vehicle drivers are one the most at risk professions for chronic physical and mental conditions, affecting not only their job performance but also their overall wellbeing. In fact, patterns of low sleep duration and sedentary behaviours have been recorded on non-workdays, as well as workdays [2].

A recent study found 70% of interviewed Australian truck drivers do not follow a healthy and balanced diet, and 51% do not meet physical activity guidelines. Researchers have proven the relationship between work organisation characteristics and drivers health and performance, is not only strong but also complex and dynamic [3].

The talk features interviews with drivers from Qube, Alex Fraser, and Toll, . Each give their own tips and stories about approaching fitness for duty, but ultimately they share the same message: the importance of being fit for duty.

A fact sheet, poster, facilitator guide, overview and PowerPoint are also included. The fact sheets are available in three different versions, depending on the audience. One is targeted towards drivers, one towards companies and the other includes all the information.

The Toolbox Talk is designed to be flexible so your organisation can present or distribute it as you see fit.

The package was peer reviewed by industry experts to ensure it is relevant, accurate and delivered in a way that will engage drivers. This information is sourced from a combination of industry bodies and scholarly texts.

The HVTBT project is delivered thanks to key funding provided through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the federal government.

NRSPP thanks its industry working group, which consists of BINGO Industries, ComfortDelGro Australia, Heavy Vehicle Association of Australia, Holcim, Monash University Accident Research Centre, Qube, Swinburne University, Toll Global Express, Toll Group, Viva Energy and Zurich Insurance.

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