Who Are DriveRisk?

DriveRisk is a dedicated team committed to reducing on-road risk for fleet operators, their drivers and the wider community. Using billions of km’s of data, their video-based safety technology is used to develop coaching programs to prevent on road incidents and collisions. These programs are designed to help fleets manage risk and upskill their drivers, reducing operating costs, and improving overall road safety for everyone.

What Does Road Safety Mean To DriverRisk?

Our mission is to get all Australians home safely. We focus specifically on drivers as we see how much the human element impacts the incident frequency and severity. This is where we feel that we can make the biggest difference in road safety.

What Are DriveRisk’s NRSPP Road Safety Commitments?

1. Contribute to the overarching safety message for the transport Sector

2. Happy to host or contribute to safety webinars and articles

3. Nominate clients for case studies on safety

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