Griffith University is conducting research as part of an honours research

project investigating psychological needs in the workplace.

What are Psychological Needs?
Psychological needs are essential for wellbeing, satisfaction, and performance
across various life domains. In the workplace, these needs may include the need to
feel competent and capable in your work, the need to feel valued and part of the team,

and the need to have freedom in how you conduct your work.

Your Participation and Privacy
Complete an online anonymous questionnaire which will take approximately
10 minutes to complete. Your participation will be completely anonymous, and
you will not be asked to provide your name or any sensitive information.
The Expected Benefits
The research findings are anticipated to highlight the importance and relevance for
organisations to put greater consideration into their employees’ psychological needs,

so employees can experience greater satisfaction and belonging in their workplace.

Study Participation Link:

Feel free to contact the research team if you have any questions:
– Dr Darren Wishart ([email protected])
– James Noon ([email protected])

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