Truck drivers are entering the domain of professional athletes to help road safety researchers predict – and stop – crashes caused by fatigue.

As part of a ground-breaking practical research trial, drivers from Bingo Industries and Toll Group are donning Hexoskin biometric vests to help unlock exactly how fatigue impacts the way they drive.

Typically the domain of elite athletes, the vests monitor physical responses such as heart rate and breathing rate while driving or resting. Physical and psychological research data collected will be overlayed with information from in-vehicle monitoring technologies to highlight indicators of fatigue, which slows brain function and reactions and contributes to up to half of road crashes.

And the researchers, from Griffith University, are looking for more transport industry volunteers to get on board and join the trial. Participating involves wearing the vest at work for five days and providing information via short surveys. All data collected will be confidential.

To find out how you can get involved, email Dr Caroline Robertson at [email protected]

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