Who Are The Truck Industry Council?

The Truck Industry Council (TIC) is the peak industry body representing manufacturers and distributors of heavy commercial vehicles (that is, with Gross Vehicle Mass above 3.St) or “trucks” in Australia. TIC members are responsible for producing or importing and distributing 17 brands of truck for the Australian market, totaling more than 41,000 trucks in 2021. That meant TIC members supplied to market over ninety-eight (98) percent of all new on-highway trucks above 4.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) sold in Australia last year.

Further, TIC also comprises of two dedicated engine manufacture members and two dedicated driveline manufacture member who supply major engine and driveline systems for both on highway and off highway “truck” applications.

We work across all levels of government, lobbying to support our member’s interests particularly around vehicle safety standards.

What Does Road Safety Mean To The Truck Industry Council?

It is critical and is part of TIC’s brand, positioning and messaging: – SAFER, GREENER, ESSENTIAL

What Are The Truck Industry Council’s NRSPP Road Safety Commitments?

TIC activity supports the development the safety regulation that aligns with Australian operating conditions to support product from 3 key areas – USA, Europe and Japan.

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