On Thursday the 16th of June, NRSPP and the Swinburne Design Bureau headed into Transurban’s Melbourne office to present the new Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talks (HVTBTs). This presentation was entirely run by the students, who play a vital role in the development of the HVTBTs.

The presentation was kicked off by PhD Candidate, Jennifer Rivera Gonzalez. Jennifer is the secret sauce behind the research and driver-interview questions, who begins the development of each HVTBT. Jennifer took the Transurban team through her process of finding evidence-based sources and interviews with industry experts to get the most recent and accurate information. Some key insights from Jennifer were that the written content must be easily understandable to accommodate for any language barriers, and recommendations may not apply to everyone. In this case, the recommendations provided to mitigate risks are versatile.

NRSPP’s communications and design 2021-22 interns Kyla Fantin and Ruby Athanas then explained the second stage of the HVTBT development: The design process. Kyla and Ruby are responsible for branding and designing each individual HVTBT, bringing them to life. Each one is unique, so Kyla and Ruby took Transurban through a few very different examples, explaining the thinking behind the designs. The importance of making each HVTBT look unique to keep organisations and drivers engaged was highlighted.

The Swinburne Design Bureau concluded the presentation, showcasing their outstanding work redesigning the Toolbox Talks Logo, and the HVTBT promotional videos. Lauren Gualano explained how road signs inspired the new logo she created, and how it was important to keep it gender neutral. Lochlan Tobin then presented the communications strategy for promoting the HVTBT’s through the videos and frequent social media content. And finally, Kai Djeng and Emelia Cox played Transurban the 30 second and 90 second promotional videos for the HVTBT’s, as well as the 30 second promotional video for the Fatigue HV TBT.

The development process for such crucial resources is a huge team effort. Being able to showcase the work of the students in that team was an incredible opportunity and a milestone in their professional development. A sincere thank you to Transurban for creating this platform to spread awareness of the HVTBT’s and support such talented young people.


Click here to find out more about NRSPP’s Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talks.

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