• Charging ahead…homeowners are sparking the electric vehicle revolution by renting out their driveways equipped with charging facilities to drivers
  • YourParkingSpace.co.uk hosts 4,892 electric vehicle private spaces at 1,700 private locations across the UK
  • Electric revenue… electric vehicle owners generate 14 per cent more income than normal driveways

Homeowners with an electric vehicle (EV) charge point on their driveway are helping to make range-anxiety a thing of the past by renting out their driveway to EV owners looking for somewhere to park and charge their car, claims the online parking portal, YourParkingSpace.co.uk.

As of April 2022, there were around 30,290 publicly available EV charging points available in the UK, equating to just 45 devices per 100,000 of the UK population. This represents a worrying shortage in EV charging infrastructure and is commonly cited as one of the biggest reasons why more motorists are not making the leap to all-electric.

However, new figures released by YourParkingSpace.co.uk reveals that there are currently 4,892 private spaces at 1,700 locations available on their platform where EV owners can park and charge their cars.

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace.co.uk, commented: “Charge anxiety is one of, if not the biggest, barrier to EV adoption in the UK. Offering EV owners a chance to charge and park on a driveway is a creative way to plug this gap and has no doubt already alleviated many drivers’ concerns.

“Furthermore, the solution is also an attractive option for EV drivers to park their cars in pre-booked driveways as they are conveniently located and often cheaper than traditional car parks.”

But it’s not just drivers of EVs who are benefitting financially from the driveway charge point revolution. On average, each driveway owner with an EV charge point listed on YourParkingSpace.co.uk makes 14 per cent more income than driveways without a charge point, as homeowners are able to charge a higher tariff.

Harrison added: “By renting out their driveway to EV drivers, not only are homeowners helping to combat the issue of charge anxiety, but are also generating a healthy source of additional income which should go some way towards balancing the books during the cost of living crisis.”

Homeowners with an empty driveway and EV charge point can list it for free on www.yourparkingspace.co.uk. Spaces in particularly high-demand are those in city and town centres, near music and sports venues, railway stations, airports, and high streets.

YourParkingSpace is the UK’s fastest growing parking operator transforming isolated parking assets into connected mobility hubs, whilst also operating the UK’s leading on-demand consumer parking marketplace. The business processes thousands of advance and on-demand parking reservations daily across the UK, generating £48.5million for its clients to-date. Its 85,000 space providers range from individual driveway owners through to household names such as Premier Inn, Tesco and Morrisons. YourParkingSpace has been placed 86th in the Tech Track 100, the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, and 546th in the FT1000 annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

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