The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is proud to announced the commencement of the TAC funded Empowr Mobility pilot in partnership with Ganbina and Barwon Water. The pilot will commence in Shepparton on the 14 February.

Empowr is an initiative of NRSPP and at the heart of this pilot is four aspiring young people who experience major barriers to achieving their goals, including access to safe and reliable transport is major one.  The Empowr has identified aspiring young people who face these challenges through our community partners and provided them with this exciting opportunity.

Empowr will provide the young drivers with a new 5-Star ANCAP vehicle fitted with driver safety engagement technology to help mentor safe driving behaviour. The aim of the pilot is to assist the young people to access employment, training, education and social opportunities.

Our community partners include Ganbina, an indigenous youth training and education program base in Shepparton and Barwon Water’s trainee program in the Geelong region.

As reflected in the draft National Road Safety Strategy 2021 – 2030, further innovation is required in road safety to reduce fatalities and serious injuries, particularly amongst young drivers and those who experience disadvantage. NRSPP believes the Empowr initiative represents an example of how the social model can be applied in road safety, which may have important implications for other priority areas. The fact the pilot has so many other partners involved in the initiative illustrates how it can promote grass-roots collaborative efforts.

As an example, Coffey Ford is providing four new 5-Star ANCAP vehicles for the pilots.

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