As the NRSPP begins to wind up after a fruitful 2021, we also plan for another busy year ahead. A big highlight of the year is the annual organisational road safety campaign, launching in road safety week in May. The plan for the campaign rollout was successfully presented to the NRSPP Steering Committee in mid-November, along with next year’s campaign theme: Car parks.

Feedback from partners informed us that this topic is relatively under-explored and has a broad scope that applies to many different people and drivers. Under the umbrella of this expansive theme, three different directions will be investigated.

The first angle explores the insurance side of car park accidents. How can a quick shopping trip can turn into a very complicated one that can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars? The second angle centres around complacency and hitting stationary objects. Seemingly small bingles from poles or other parked cars, and the level of damage that can accumulate over time. Alternatively, what if a pole was one day a person, even a small child? The third direction that was encouraged flips points of views, focussing on pedestrians being careful walking through carparks.

The campaign is planned to be rolled out earlier than usual to spread the word far in advance. Email alerts detailing the contents of such will be sent out early March, shortly followed by the release of promotional material. The finalised campaign will be shared to the NRSPP website at the beginning of May, and partners will be notified of such. Road Safety Week is estimated to commence on the 15th May 2022, marking the official organisational release date.

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