This article was sourced from: NHVR

The NHVR is releasing its Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy 2021-2025(Safety Strategy) and Action Plan 2021-2022 (Action Plan) today.

The Safety Strategy outlines a collaborations and partnerships approach to improving safety outcomes across the heavy vehicle industry, aligned to the NHVR Strategic Directions 2021.

The NHVR consulted industry and government stakeholders on the approach to delivering improved heavy vehicle safety, and the three Safety Strategy themes:

    1. Create positive change in individual behaviours and culture to improve safety
    2. Drive uptake of a modern, safer heavy vehicle fleet that reduces the likelihood and impact of crashes
    3. Influence road network design and use to support road safety.

The Safety Strategy provides a roadmap for initiatives that the NHVR will undertake over the coming five years. The Action Plan details the specific initiatives and focus for 2021-2022.

Annual Action Plans during the life of the Safety Strategy will provide further opportunities for the NHVR to work with industry and regulatory partners to support the implementation of the Safety Strategy priorities.

The Safety Strategy and Action Plan can be found on the NHVR website.

Should you have any questions, please contact Amanda Capper, Manager Safety Policy and Research on (07) 3309 8547 or at [email protected].


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