The AAA are requesting proposals “To Conduct a Research Project to Develop a Method to Evaluate the Distractibility of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in Modern Vehicles”.

This research project aims to develop a method to evaluate the distractibility of human machine interfaces (HMI) in modern and future vehicles in the Australian market under Australian conditions.

The project will be undertaken in two phases – a feasibility phase and major project phase. This feasibility study phase will propose a research plan/study design to undertake the major research project and assess the viability and effectiveness of said plans/designs. The outcomes of the feasibility study will be used by the AAA and its Board to ensure confidence in the research plan, methodologies, timings, and budget for the major project.

Funding of $35,000 is available to the successful applicant to undertake the feasibility study. The feasibility study will need to be finalised by 10 January 2022 to enable the findings to be presented to the AAA Board meeting in March 2022, at which point the Board will decide on funding of the major project phase. Pending Board approval in March 2022, it is anticipated that the major project will begin in July 2022.

A detailed outline can be downloaded here.

The AAA is inviting proposals from researchers with extensive experience in this field. Project proposals are to be received by the AAA at the email address: [email protected] and must be received by 5pm (AEST) 26th July 2021.

The AAA will be hosting an information session for interested parties on the 8th of July at 2:00PM (AEST) via video conference. The information session will focus on working with the AAA, the AAA’s expectations, contracting, reporting requirements, and will provide an opportunity for interested parties to clarify any aspect of this request for proposal. If you would like to attend, please send me an email to [email protected].

The AAA is very excited to be undertaking a research project in this space. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Quester [email protected] or Mobile: +61 (0) 409 454 485 (Mon-Thurs)

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