NRSPP is happy to welcome on board our new Program Partner, JESI.

Who are JESI?

Our mission is to create a safer connected world. We achieve this by connecting organisations with their employee movements ensuring they get to and from work safely.

JESI was born in regional Queensland – Townsville to be exact and it was a car crash that inspired its development. A mate of Joe’s (our CEO and founder) who was a travelling salesman, rolled his car just outside of Weipa in the far north and despite 10 ppl waiting at the pub for him, he was upside down in his car and in and out of consciousness for 6 hours before a passing motorist found him (don’t worry, the good news is he is alive and well!).

The question begged… “How can this be, when we are living in times where we are more connected than ever?”

And so the conversation began and JESI was established in 2012.

We believe that partnering with NRSPP will allow us to share our expertise in employee safety to help Organisations minimise road incidents and dramatically decrease incident response times where every second counts.

What Does Road Safety Mean To JESI?

JESI was born out of a real-life road safety incident where the lack of visibility of employee movements led to an incident response time of hours rather than minutes. Our automated escalation process brings this down to seconds rather than hours. In addition to the reactive response JESI offers there is also a Traveller Risk Assessment that can highlight a High Risk traveller before they go on the road.

We have had customers that have adjusted their driving behaviours outside of work because of using JESI, which is not only a huge complement to our software but also a sign that there is a need for a greater focus on road safety. Small adjustments in driver behaviour has the potential to make a huge difference to community safety.

What Are The Commitments And Actions Which JESI Will Develop And Share Through NRSPP?

  1. Guide all users on road safety best practices through Monthly User Email
August 2021 – Would require some assistance for content for a blog
  1. JESI Traveller Risk Calculator
We are getting a quote on the creation of this now
  1. Share NRSPP content on Social Media
Currently happening – shared the Eyes closed campaign today
  1. Case Study about our IVMS integration
Aim for later in the year September 2021

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