Since its inception, the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has been strategically guided by a diverse industry-led Steering Committee (SC).

The purpose of the NRSPP SC is to “provide overall direction and advice on governance, policy, operational and strategic issues referred by the Secretariat and/or PPs”. Consistent with this, the NRSPP’s Charter Version 5 specifies that the membership of the SC should be renewed every three years.

The three-year period for the current SC membership concluded at the end of June 2021. Therefore, we are now commencing the  renewal process to convene the next SC.

The NRSPP wishes to acknowledge and thank the current SC members for their invaluable guidance and support over the past three years. The last two years in particular saw the program successfully transition to a new Host during the Covid-19 disruption period.

NRSPP SC Nomination Process

To be considered for the SC, nominations are open to any NRSPP Partner including our past SC members. Nominees should provide a signed letter confirming their intention to nominate  and address the following considerations:

  • What sector do you operate in?
  • What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?
  • What does road safety mean to your organisation?
  • How is your organisation contributing to road safety of its workers and the community it operates within?
  • What opportunities do you feel your organisation could bring to the leadership of the NRSPP?

Nomination letters should be addressed to the NRSPP Independent Chair Professor Barry Watson and sent via email to [email protected]

The SC nominations will be reviewed by the NRSPP Secretariat to identify the best mix of SC members for the program to achieve its goals over the coming three years. The proposed new members will then be recommended to the NRSPP Governance Board for final approval.

What does the SC role involve?

SC members are champions of the NRSPP and the benefits of workplace road safety. You will see their stories shared through NRSPP case studies, thought leadership and webinars and their influence in working group selection, Q&As and Tool Box Talks topics, special projects collaborative partnerships and so on.

The strategic role is achieved through two SC meetings per year which are typically hosted by a partner at their head office. Due to Covid-19 the last three meetings have all occurred virtually.  Monthly updates are provided and SC members are contacted for input on key topics being explored for their insights and approaches.

The collaborative Working Groups and Special Projects are often championed by SC members where they align with their areas of interest. A few examples:

  • Commonwealth Bank and Uniting Care Queensland identified the gap that existed with regards to the safety management of an organisations grey fleet resulting in the establishment of the Grey Fleet Working Group and all of the associated collateral it produced.
  • Toll Group’s internal research and analysis of a decade of their trauma data led to the collaborative development of the Austroads / NRSPP Prevention of Suicide in Road Transport.
  • Telstra and RACV identified the safe management of mobile phone distraction as key risk which led to Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles (SUMV) Working Group being established.
  • Viva Energy and Toll Group instigated the establishment of the Heavy Vehicle Tool Box Talk Working Group.
  • IAG, Vero and Zurich are all insurers involved in many aspects of the program who share their data and insights to help underpin Q&As, Total Cost Indicator, etc.
  • The establishment of various Special Projects have enabled NRSPP Partners to provide in-kind practical support for projects such as the $850,000 AAA funded Tip Top and MUARC Fatigue Project.

The SC also provides the opportunity for members to interact with senior Government and other passionate industry leaders from outside their own sector. What evolves through this diversity is a focus on addressing the workplace road safety risk and related issues from a diverse range of views.

What is the process and timelines?

The NRSPP Governance Board (GB), which consists of the Core Funders of the program, will approve the new SC members, based on the recommendations of the NRSPP Secretariat. The following outlines the proposed timeline for the renewal process:

  1. 3 June – NRSPP issues news item and emails all NRSPP partners inviting them to nominate
  2. 15 July – Close of nominations
  3. 20 July – GB meeting held to review recommend SC members
  4. 19 August – Announcement of SC members

Recognition of the current SC members

The NRSPP wishes to thank the following organisations and their representatives for the past three years of service:

  • Australian Automobile Association – Craig Newland
  • Australian Institute for Health and Safety – Naomi Kemp
  • BHP – Anton Fouche
  • Commonwealth Bank – Rachel Gunn
  • IAG – Peter Divjakinja and Katherine Hopman
  • Rio Tinto – Kevan Reeve
  • Telstra – Andrew Howell and Daniel Santos
  • Toll Group – Dr Sarah Jones
  • Uniting Care Queensland – Mark Stephens
  • Vero – Brad Naidu
  • Viva Energy – Felix Ohle
  • Zurich Insurance – Mervyn Rea

There are a number of other people we would also like to recognise for their contributions over the last three years:

  • Holden – Steve Curtis
  • Origin – Ali Abdurrahman
  • Telstra – Brendan Callaghan

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