How can an organisation encourage drivers to take more care of vehicles to minimise avoidable vehicle damage from minor collisions?

Minor collisions have been described as “the bane of every fleet manager” and are the most prevalent cause of vehicle damage and at-fault incidents in the fleet industry. While these minor bumps, scratches and scrapes might be easy to overlook at ‘part of the job’, these common crashes can have major financial, reputational and human costs.

Minor collisions are often highly avoidable and the result of a lack of attention detail, misuse of the vehicle, or negligence on behalf of the driver. Despite this, organisations are still grappling with effective solutions to encourage drivers to take more care of their vehicles. Fleet managers face significant barriers to addressing minor collisions, such as challenges in communicating safety messages to frontline staff and under reporting of vehicle damage.

“Under reporting means there is little learning from the ‘gift of failure’ and hinders safety improvements, so a company with few reported incidents may, in fact, be less safe than one where incidents are reported and lessons are learned.”

In consultation with industry professionals, the NRSPP has developed a new Q+A to explore the causes and solutions to minor collisions. Partners from Bosch, EcoFleet, Fleet Strategy, Jemena, Santos, Southern Cross Protection, Telstra and Uniting Care share their insights into the practical strategies they use to target and reduce these collisions. From proactively addressing minor collisions fleets can reap financial and reputational benefits, while also doing their part to make the roads a safer place.

Read our newest Q+A, ‘Reducing the Major Risks of Minor Collisions’, here.