The Following Article Was Taken From iRAP: 6th UN Global Road Safety Week: Streets for life – #Love30 (17-23 May 2021).

iRAP calls on its partners and the community worldwide to support the 6th United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW) #StreetsForLife #Love30 campaign.

Low speed streets save lives. Road traffic crashes kill 1.35 million every year and tens of millions more are injured. These deaths and injuries are preventable. 30km/h speeds protect road users and reduce loss of life.

The Second Decade of Action 2021 – 2030 has reaffirmed the ambitious target of halving the raw number of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. The Second Decade will continue to reinforce the 12 Global Road Safety Performance Targets, including Target 3 for all new roads to be 3-star or better for all road users and Target 4 for >75% of travel to be on the equivalent of 3-star or better roads for all by 2030.

A paradigm shift in how streets are designed, starting with low speeds where people and traffic mix, makes streets safe, accessible, enjoyable and equitable for all road users, delivering multiple benefits for all whilst accelerating action across interlinking SDGs.

The iRAP global Star Rating standard and supporting KPIs, Risk Mapping, fatality and injury estimations, investment plans and innovative tools like ViDA, Star Rating for Designs, Star Rating for Schools and AiRAP will empower partners to act worldwide.

We know road injury is preventable. We have the engineering know-how, a global road infrastructure safety standard for benchmarking, and free tools, training and support to make the world’s roads safer. To assess risk, build safety into road designs and reduce danger for pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and vehicle occupants. From world-class highway concessions, rural roads and city streets where our children walk to school and live.

As we move into the Second Decade of Action for Road safety, we know tackling speeds can catalyse a package of road safety interventions for safe and healthy streets for all.

Low speed streets need to be a priority for all.

iRAP is proud to support and advocate the 6th United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW) held this year from the 17 – 23 May. Download our UNGRSW key messages here.

Below are the UNGRSW resources that can help our RAP Community get involved and create a world free of high-risk roads for all road users.

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