NRSPP is happy to welcome on board our new Program Partner, The Sutherland Shire Council (SSC).

 What Is The Sutherland Shire Council?

Sutherland Shire Council is a local government authority providing local government services and infrastructure to a residential population of 230,000 on behalf of the Sutherland Shire community.

We are committed to our vision of a connected and safe community that respects people and nature, enjoying active lives in a strong local economy.

Sutherland Shire Council is a significant operator of heavy regulated vehicles with a diverse range of fleet assets inclusive of 305 registered vehicles. This includes 41 heavy waste collection trucks, 45 heavy vehicle trucks, 137 light vehicles and 82 major plant items, that is further supplemented by our supply chain partners’ vehicle fleets.

Council highly regards the safety of its community, staff and other road users, and wishes to actively participate and contribute to the development of educational programs that support improvements in road safety and the reduction in potential risk impacts/effects of operating its own fleet on the community and environment.

More broadly through partnering with NRSPP, Council sees a unique opportunity to share its local government knowledge and experiences with industry and regulators, to contribute to learnings and the development of safety initiatives that support the prevention of incidents at a local and national level.

 What Does Road Safety Mean To The Sutherland Shire Council?

Road Safety means giving our staff and community the knowledge and opportunity to make choices that will reduce the number and severity of road trauma.

Council has a responsibility at a local level to create a road environment that is safe for our staff and residents, by providing engineering treatments and encouraging both attitudinal and behavioural change.

Road Safety is a key element enabling the implementation of Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy that will contribute to the convenient and efficient movement of people and goods throughout Sutherland Shire. This Strategy is centred on planning for a safe and sustainable transport system that will allow the community to conveniently access services, employment, business and recreational pursuits via a choice of transport options.

A greater focus on road safety would see road users accept more personal responsibility for their own actions on the road.  A better understanding by drivers and other road users of the potential consequences of their choices would translate into a more forgiving, equitable experience for all.

What Are The Commitments And Actions Which Sutherland Shire Council Will Develop And Share Through NRSPP?

  1. Participation in industry working groups (waste and local governments) and committee in the development of targeted safety training programs.
  2. Provide case study information and learnings from Council’s operations.
  3. Help champion the road safety programs and initiatives within local government and industry groups, such as LG NSW and IPWEA Fleet.

View The Sutherland Shire Council’s Partner Profile here.

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