After the success of their first and second Organisational Road Safety Campaigns, on Driver Distraction and Aggressive Driving respectively, the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has began development of their third Campaign, tackling the issue of Driver Sleepiness.

NRSPP’s Driver Sleepiness Campaign aims to raise awareness around the issue of driver sleepiness and the dangers it brings into the vehicle. The campaign content will be designed to draw attention to and educate audiences about the issue, motivate them to combat it, and present methods to mitigate the risk. Similar to previous Organisational Campaigns, the Driver Sleepiness Campaign content will be packaged as a free online download. Companies and organisations will be able to easily access the content and carry out the campaign in their workplace.

The Campaign will be curated by Communications Lead Caitlin Xavier. Caitlin is a 4th year student at Swinburne University of Technology, currently at the NRSPP on professional placement as part of her course, the Bachelor of Communication Design (Honours). She has been producing visual communications for the NRSPP since August 2020, and will lead the development of the upcoming Driver Sleepiness Campaign.

The overall development of the campaign will be guided and supervised by NRSPP Director Jerome Carslake, and informed by sleep experts Associate Professor Clare Anderson and Professor Shantha Wilson Rajaratnam at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. Discussion throughout the campaign development will also involve industry experts, including input from Essential Energy, BHP, Country Fire Authority, Amalgamotion and the Road Accident Action Group (RAAG). We are looking forward to hearing their contributions and applying their feedback to make the campaign content effective for workers in industry.

Currently, the research for the campaign has recently been completed by three Summer Interns from Monash University, Sarah Lim, Olivia Dobson and Ayla Baydan. Their efforts have provided the informational content for the campaign, which will then be translated and designed by Caitlin into the campaign content (such as fact sheets, posters and social media posts). We sing out praise to our Summer Interns who have done an exceptional job in gathering an extensive amount of research.

Caitlin has now nearly finalised the brand identity for the campaign, which will inform the visual style of the whole package. We look forward to developing the content and working collaboratively with our industry expert participants.

We aim to release the Driver Sleepiness Campaign in May, in time for National Road Safety Week. So if you need something to do as part of that week, check out the NRSPP Driver Sleepiness Campaign. Never know could change a life by saving one.

If you want to understand the research and its adaption into the campaign join Dr Amanda Stephens, Associate Professor Clare Anderson and Caitlin Xavier as they chat with NRSPP Director Jerome Carslake in the webinar Driver Sleepiness on 18 May.

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