Over the summer period the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) had the great pleasure of having three Monash University vacation interns. Olivia Dobson and Sarah Lim spent three months as part of the NRSPP team, with Ayla Baydan joining during the last month to assist with the research for NRSPP’s upcoming Organisational Campaign on Driver Sleepiness.

Each student was assigned several small projects for them to develop to help hone their stakeholder engagement skills and the practical application of their degrees. Over the coming months their efforts will be finalised and released.  Each of the projects are based on questions or queries by NRSPP partners and has involved exploring literature surrounding each topic and then engaging industry partners to understand how they approached or mitigated the problem.

So watch out for the material as it comes online over the coming months.

Olivia focused on:

Sarah focused on

  • Quick Facts: benefits of newer trucks
  • Q+A: Fundamental Stability
  • Q+A: Heavy Vehicle Tyre Safety
  • Driver sleepiness campaign research:
  • CLOCS-A summary and industry brief
  • Empowr Mobility Pilot Data Analysis
  • NRSPP Partner Survey Design

Both Olivia and Sarah have also been commenced the evaluation of the NRSPP which is being undertaken by Monash University Accident Research Centre.

The final part of their time at NRSPP included the foundation research for NRSPP third organisational road safety campaign on Sleep / Fatigue. The campaign will be released in May in time for National Road Safety Week. Joining Olivia and Sarah was Ayla, another amazing and passionate Monash student.

NRSPP wishes to thank Ayla, Olivia and Sarah for the contribution and passionate engagement over the last three months.

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